The MES team utilizes Flame Atomic Absorption (FAA) testing to analyze for presence and concentration of metals in a material. Metals include Fe, Cu, Al, Pb, Ca, Zn, Cd and many more. FAA measures the concentrations of metals in the samples and can be used to determine concentrations in the low mg/L or ppm range.

Flame Atomic Absorbance (FAA) relies on digesting a solid sample and atomizing the fluid it in a flame. A light beam from a specific elemental lamp is directed through the flame and into a monochoromator. The instrument detector determines the wavelength of maximum absorption of the element. The amount of light absorbed by the flame is inversely proportional to the concentration of that element in the sample. The concentration of the element of interest in the sample is typically expressed in terms of the original mass taken for the analysis.

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy can provide valuable conformance data for Rohs compliance, Prop 57 compliance, as well as testing applications in mining and mineralogy, soils, pharmaceuticals, foods, toys, forensic investigations.

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  • Trace elements in fluids and dissolved solids

  • Low detection limits (μg/L)

  • Applicable to a wide variety of matrices


  • Fluid or Digested Solid materials

  • Small sample volume required


  • ASTM D4691